Drumming, Dancing, Playing, Singing.


What is RhythMandala?

RhythMandala is an ever-evolving body of work which connects people to themselves and one another via movement, song, and dance - approachable for people of all ages and abilities.

RhythMandala events are a 3-way cross between a drum circle, a dance class, and a song circle. 

Who is Ryan?

(Hi, I’m Ryan.) From an early age I was distressed by the separation I felt from both my own body and other people. In public school in Chicago I found my way into more connection through choir, dance, and the performing arts. After highschool, I attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and various dance trainings scattered across the US.

In my early twenties I settled in Chicago again and dove into hiphop and house music. Body percussion, spoken word, and drum circles deepened my understanding of how movement and music can bring people together. I co-founded an arts community, DJ-ed weddings, joined an Educational Rhythmic Ensemble, and kept learning. My late twenties launched me overseas to study the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process in Australia. 

This 2 year training opened my eyes to how exceedingly joyful a well-led group process can be, how much healing can happen in deep rhythmic connection, and how the potential for people to be in rhythm together is grounded in human evolution, neurology and physiology. Today I live in Oakland, CA and offer 1-on-1 and large group RhythMandala sessions, both privately and at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness.

If you have any more specific questions about either my background or about working with me, I’m happy to answer them: feel free to email me at ryan@rhythmandala.com.

I also want to take this opportunity to list my teachers and influences and say that I’m very thankful. Studying with lots of people has really helped me self-define and clarify my own goals and desires.

I’m grateful to all my teachers, past, present, and future. Lots of good stuff in the following links. Here they are, in no particular order:

https://www.bethegroove.com/ - Stephanie Paul/Kevin Brown

https://wudang-west.pagefrontapp.com/ - David Wei

http://taketina.com/ - Reinhard Flatischler/Tania Bosak

https://www.circlesing.org/ - David Worm

http://www.brucesilverman.org/index.html - Bruce Silverman

http://www.athleticplayground.com/ - Shira Yaziv

https://fightingmonkey.net/ - Jozef Frucek

http://axissyllabus.org/ - various teachers

http://www.jorgealabe.com/ - Jorge Alabe

https://bal-a-vis-x.com/ - Bill Hubert

http://in2gr8ed.org/ - Francis Norsworthy

http://ancestralmovement.com/ - Simon Thakur

https://stephen-opper.squarespace.com/ - Stephen Opper

https://www.evolvemoveplay.com/ - Rafe Kelley