RhythMandala: Musical games for physical, mental, and emotional resilience.


About RhythMandala

RhythMandala is an ever-evolving group process supporting people of all ages and abilities in healing. Emotional pain and suffering, social/interpersonal anxiety, cognitive deficits, developmental delays, and unresolved trauma may all surface during the RhythMandala process. When this happens, deft facilitation and strong group support create a space where any of these things can be transformed. Every group, every person, and every healing is different - as such each RhythMandala Circle will unfold however it needs to to best support that person’s healing.

About Ryan

(That’s me, hey!) I’m a soulful man who believes in the power of transformation. As an artist, I know that creativity and imagination make the impossible possible. As a scientist, I know that achieving the impossible takes study, diligence, patience, and skepticism. My highest joy is to give my gist in the service of healing.

I’m currently based in Oakland, CA and originally from Chicago. I’ve trained either briefly or at length with all of the following teachers, and each new area of study has deepened my understanding of body, mind, soul, and rhythm - and so has informed what RhythMandala is and will become.

Gratitude for all my amazing teachers!

Please check out their links - so much good stuff to be found in there.

Here they are, in no particular order:

https://www.bethegroove.com/ - Stephanie Paul/Kevin Brown

https://wudang-west.pagefrontapp.com/ - David Wei

http://taketina.com/ - Reinhard Flatischler/Tania Bosak

https://www.circlesing.org/ - David Worm

http://www.brucesilverman.org/index.html - Bruce Silverman

http://www.athleticplayground.com/ - Shira Yaziv

https://fightingmonkey.net/ - Jozef Frucek

http://axissyllabus.org/ - various teachers

http://www.jorgealabe.com/ - Jorge Alabe

https://bal-a-vis-x.com/ - Bill Hubert

http://in2gr8ed.org/ - Francis Norsworthy

http://ancestralmovement.com/ - Simon Thakur

https://stephen-opper.squarespace.com/ - Stephen Opper

https://www.evolvemoveplay.com/ - Rafe Kelley